Cat Eye Magnetic Nail Art Tool

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Use this Magnetic Nail Art Tool to achieve fantastic designs, it has two ends for versatility. the rectangle gives you great linear designs and the rounded end will produce the ‘Cat Eye’ designs that popular.

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a MAGNETIC tool for nail art

DIRECTIONS FOR USing your magnetic nail art tool 

To achieve a fantastic array of spectacular nail designs use with our magnetic nail polish, part of the A Kind of Magic mega collection.  Magnetic polish includes: Miss Direction, Levitate Me, Liviosa and The Conjurer.

Hold this Magnetic Nail Art tool close to the nail whilst your Magnetic Nail Polish is drying.  Keep it there until the polish has set, use over both coats of Magnetic nail polish and finish off with Top Coat.  The designs are endless, there is so much fun to be had.

There are two ends, a linear end for galaxy type patterns and a rounded end for the ‘Cat Eye’ design.



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